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I help women learn calming techniques to decrease their anxiety & restore their radiance.

Grab your FREE calming guided meditation audio.
Are you Looking to Move from Anxiety & feeling Burnout to calm, confident and centered?

Do you feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities and all of the uncertainty of these times?

If you are feeling anxious, stressed and like you wish there were two of you to complete all of your obligations, I understand as I have been there before.

I can Assist You in Your Journey To Stress Less! 

There are easy tools that you can begin to implement to have you feeling lighter, more joyful and nourished.



   I am a Calming Coach for Women.  I  help women decrease their stress and anxiety levels.

    I hold a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and a graduate level coaching certification. I have worked as a family counselor in middle schools and provided behavioral therapy to autistic children.

     After working as a therapist, my health and well-being began to suffer and I began to seek ways to feel good again in my mind, body and spirit. At the same time, my mother suffered a work injury resulting in chronic pain.

     This propelled me to start seeking alternative methods to assist my Mom on her healing journey. I began learning energy management tools through studying both ancient and modern healing modalities.

      In addition, I completed an Intuitive training certification program which helped me to deepen my meditation and healing abilities. Because of the immediate results that I received, and those results that my clients reported, I  am passionate about sharing and teaching these tools. 

    I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey. 

With Love,

~ Angela

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