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"Since I began working with Angela, I have noticed so many positive changes in both my professional and personal life. I was originally looking for a group of women, a practice or person to help build my self-esteem and strengthen the love for myself and others. I was also very curious about meditation and open to learning new approaches to self-care.
 In so many ways, working with Angela has exceeded all of my expectations and more.
Since my first session, where I learned new meditation techniques and about Reconnective Healing, people began to notice changes in me.
I felt lighter in my mood, able to keep my energy cleared from negativity and self-doubt. Since then, I've learned many things from her extensive knowledge and healing techniques and feel with each session, I become stronger.
I've suffered on and off for the past 10 years with anxiety. This past year with so much political turmoil and chaos in the world, my body began showing physical signs of my anxieties.
 Learning how to control the health of my mental, my spirit, and my energy has been the most powerful tool I've found with Angela.
She's truly gifted, supportive, compassionate and dedicated to her craft.
She has an extensive knowledge and background both in western and eastern world healing approaches, which I find to be very rare. For so many reasons, I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to love and care for themselves more, love life more and overall be a better human in our world. "


~ Cristal J., Oakland, CA

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